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by aLFFiaN.

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    Where do i go after this?


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    19062010 Where do i go after this?

    Post by aaron88

    I just bought a new HU, Pioneer DEH-3150UB.
    After this what should I get?

    I just want my car to sound good and nice so I aim to achieve good quality music instead of loudness.
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    Post on 22/6/2010, 7:57 pm by finalazy84

    if u like SQ and wud like to learn some more about SQ join us HERE bro.we can help u. my advice, plan b4 buying or u wud regret later

    Post on 24/6/2010, 7:41 pm by aaron88

    i did read bout d sq section in sioloon... i'm got my brain all saturated with it s there r much that i still could not understand bcos i'm new to all of tis...
    from my understanding i shud b getting either speakers or amp next...
    but there r so many pro n con between those 2 options...

    Post on 25/6/2010, 2:38 pm by finalazy84

    so now u only have HU and evrything is stock?

    u hve 2 options:
    1. change stock mid need amp first as u can direct connect to ur HU.
    2.get urself a woofer.woofer u need an amp to drive it.

    later wen u hve budget, get a good amp for ur comp set.after that, change ur speaker tat suits ur kind of music.I never listen to other brand so cannot help u on this.

    p.s:hopfly SQ sifus can help here

    Post on 25/6/2010, 9:12 pm by ckmoy007

    first of all, set urself a budget first. we can give u all kinda bombastic advices Very Happy but it would not be suitable for ur budget. so give us a number so dat we can start giving u some nice advice. i wan to buy amp and speaker doesn't help. it's juz like i'm saying i wan to buy a car. gotta state ur requirement and music preference. for ur case, i think speakers will be the right way to go. i suggest reserving abt 1k for ur speaker if u plan to stay with this pioneer HU for a long time.

    Post on 26/6/2010, 7:00 pm by aaron88

    ok... thank u 4 all ur advice...

    i mostly listen to r&b music. i just want to make the music sound nice to the ears while driving at long distance (yup! i do travel a great distance to work!).

    this means i b playing at a rather (moderately) loud volume but i still can hear and talk to my passengers without raising my voice at them.

    if possible i don wanna include woofer in my sound system. bout budget... haha... starters budget... dont know til where it measures... i only got like rm1500 to spend in my account... haha...

    Post on 27/6/2010, 1:21 am by ckmoy007

    ur budget quite good. for a stater, i was expecting under 1k cos most starters are like dat. Very Happy ok, if u dun wan to add a sub, means it's onli comp set and amp. but actually i really recommend u to add sub since u like RnB, juz 1 sub will do. without sub really can't feel the bass of the songs. do u travel to KL once in a while?,2638.0.html
    can get a package like above, altho a little over ur budget, but shud be juz nice for ur system. at least u dun get all those local brands and cap ayam. they are located in KL tho, they r willing to post but with added cost la.

    Post on 27/6/2010, 7:30 am by aaron88

    ok, thanks ckmoy007... i will try 2 look 4 d stuffs locally 1st... if i couldn't find it then i probably search 4 something equivalent or just ask my fren 2 get it 4 me. it's a very good deal 4 me.
    btw, thanks again.

    Post on 18/8/2011, 7:04 pm by aaron88

    hi, i just recently came back to kk 2 work here n a lot have changed. lol! btw, i need your assistance. i need ur suggestion and recommendation of places that sell audio in kk. thanks in advanced. oh, i'm looking for hertz and the punch brand.

    Post on 3/9/2011, 10:19 am by kippo

    aaron88 wrote:hi, i just recently came back to kk 2 work here n a lot have changed. lol! btw, i need your assistance. i need ur suggestion and recommendation of places that sell audio in kk. thanks in advanced. oh, i'm looking for hertz and the punch brand.

    pls avoid that two brands. They r not worth paying for

    Post on 3/3/2012, 7:56 pm by aaron88

    not worth? why? Shocked i got a fren using hertz component and the sound quality is awesome... bout the punch i bought a pair of tweets and so far i'm satisfied with its performance...

    Post on 4/3/2012, 8:02 am by finalazy84

    it is either bcos of the price or myb he bought something fake/low end wif high price. but how expencive is expencive?it depends on ur own pocket...hehe

    btw hertz component has alot of range it is like saying toyota cars are good just because u own a camry.

    Post on 5/3/2012, 8:55 pm by aaron88

    That's true. Don't simply judge a book by its cover, because, the cover have plastic. Smile

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