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by aLFFiaN.

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    29092010 Tangki Minyak

    Post by bezith009

    Salaat dlm 1 Malaysia.aku nak tanya ni.ada org ckp kalau nak jimat minyak letak ubat gegat tangki mintak dlm 5 biji camtu aku x pasti tu yg aku nak tanya korg yg saper tau..tul ke fakta ni?
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    Post on 29/9/2010, 6:38 am by aLFFiaN


    Mothballs / ubat gegat are small balls of chemical pesticide and deodorant used when storing clothing and other articles susceptible to damage from mold or moth larvae (especially clothes moths like Tineola bisselliella). Many said that this can increase performance and give higher fuel efficiency. Lets know about the facts, effects, how to use and reviews from users here.MOTHBALLS / UBAT GEGAT AS FUEL SAVER? THE FACTS + EFFECTS + HOW TO USE + REVIEWS

    Older mothballs consisted primarily of naphthalene, but due to naphthalene’s flammability, modern mothballs use 1,4-dichlorobenzene instead. Because of the flammability of older moth balls / ubat gegat, which has naphtalena, people already used it as octane booster for decades to improve engine performance and mileage of your car.Is It true moth balls can give you good fuel consumption?
    Adakah benar ubat gegat boleh digunakan untuk menjimatkan minyak?

    Yes, so many testimonials around the internet if you read anywhere said that this mothballs really gives your car more fuel efficient about 25%-35% because of the flammibility, ability to dissolve in fuel and increase the octane number of fuel. No wonder why so many people used it since old days.How to use the moth balls to increase fuel efficiency?
    Bagaimana untuk menggunakan ubat gegat untuk lebih penjimatan minyak?

    From the experience of many naphtalena or moth balls / ubat gegat users, they usually use the fuel until empty sign illuminated, go to nearest petrol station, put 1 piece of moth balls in every 3-4 litres of petrol and fill up full tank of petrol. They suggest to use the moth balls / ubat gegat made from naphtalena not the dichlorobenzene.To prevent from undissolve mothballs, put it just 3-4 / litre fuel and if possible, make it dissolve first in a bottle of fuel before adding it to the fuel tank.What is the bad / side effect of using mothballs / ubat gegat to your car?
    Apakah kesan penggunaan ubat gegat pada kereta anda?

    This mothballs / ubat gegat has some effects instead of giving more mileage. It is made from a toxic materials. When you use it, it will burned with fuel and the smoke generated may contain toxic gas. It can be a harm to anybody and the nature! Imagine if this gas spread widely, means we are breathing toxic everyday and some research says that this toxic material can cause cancer. This may be the reason why petroleum company don’t offer this type of “dangerous” fuel additives.For the engine, many people says that mothballs / ubat gegat is harmless to your engine or performance due to the content is similar to the petroleum products. Some have used it for more than 4 years and never experienced any problems caused by the naphtalena.Its just sometimes because of too much naphtalena more than required amount, it will not dissolve in fuel and causing filter clog and engine problems theoretically. But there still no problems reported because of this theory. If you want to use, make sure to put just 3-4 mothballs per litre fuel. But do care about environment and life. Don’t do it frequently.Naphthalene mothballs have been used by car enthusiasts as a homemade octane booster for decades. The practice was common enough that the television program Mythbusters gave it a try in 2004. But scientists warn that too many mothballs will load up an engine with carbon deposits and lead to poor performance.The kind of mothball made of “naphthalene” which is a hydrocarbon, like gasoline. For those chemical engineers reading today, it’s C10H8, and it looks like two benzene rings fused together. Benzene makes a very smoky fire when burned, that naphthalene would make a lousy gasoline. Since it’s just carbon and hydrogen (like gasoline) naphthalene probably wouldn’t do any harm to the engine either.
    Another type of mothball which COULD potentially hurt things is made of dichlorobenzene. That won’t improve your car’s performance either, but since it throws chlorine into the mix, it can produce HCl as a byproduct when burned. pumping HCl through your engine and exhaust system is probably not very good for its longevityBefore WWII, people were dropping mothballs in their fuel tanks for extra mileage. Naphthalene, the active ingredient in mothballs at that time, boosted octane levels and consequently increased fuel economy. However one major drawback — due to the high melting point, when fuel evaporated, the naphthalene would precipitate out and block jets and filters.So, prevent the fuel from evaporated totally so that the naphthelene not precipitate and not blocking any filters maybe by avoiding parking in hot area etc. Thats why many people use it just for long journey because they dont stop too long during the jo

    Post on 29/9/2010, 7:15 am by bezith009

    aku x faham la bro.ko explain dlm BM la senang sikit aku nak faham k

    Post on 15/7/2011, 4:19 pm by kent1189

    Bule cuba ni.. bis la bat gegat bini aku ni jd mangsa nih OK

    Post on 15/7/2011, 4:28 pm by dzeta88

    same to me la.. i dont understand this article... gagaga

    Post on 15/7/2011, 4:44 pm by kent1189

    yg ku pham la bro, kalau gegat yg jenis naphtalena ni baru bule pakai coz material dia dprbuat dri petroleum jga, bhn bakar, tapi kalau yg jenis dichlorobenzene ni jgn pakai. saintis ckap kalau guna gegat jenis naphtalena ni x efek enjin, cuma jgn overdose je la (3-4liter petrol = 1gegat) . ikut saranan dlm artikel tu, cuma keburukan dia guna gegat ni ialah pencemaran udara yg dkeluarkan dari ejos, bleh sebebkan kanser utk jga msa pnjg. sbb tu la petrons/shell/esso/ x angkat ni brg utk additives.. so article tu advice kta kalau nk guna, jgn la selalu. time2 nk tgu gaji jung bulan ka bru guna..
    dipercayai dpt save 25-35% minyak tu..kira besar juga la.. ape2 pun, kta cba dulu, then update cni..hehe

    Selamat mencuba... (Doa dulu sblum taruk dlm tangki k)

    Post on 28/7/2011, 3:43 pm by jezzboyz

    entah la brand pe aku guna.. xda efect pon.. minyak same jea tengokk...

    Post on 30/7/2011, 9:25 am by kent1189

    oy ya, lupa ku mau updte.. ada juga ku cuba try test. mcam x da effek je.. x tau la kalu guna dlm minyak penuh, ku guna 1 je utk RM10 minyak.. takut nk guna bnyk2, terlampau laju kancil aku nnti susah juga..

    Post on 30/7/2011, 6:59 pm by jezzboyz

    kate orang la... nak letak mesti ade sukatan yang betul baru da effect.. tp aku dah ikut cara sukatan.. masih tiada effect.. mungkin long distance kot.. tp long distance semua jimat.. huhu..

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