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by aLFFiaN.

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    SQ style ICE V7


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    30072011 SQ style ICE V7

    Post by powerrud

    lets talk about anything and everything about sq(Sound Quality) setup here... cheers
    and have a nice day. Very Happy

    What is SQ?

    There's a misunderstanding that SQ(Sound Quality) is a system that can't play loud. Stock system also can't play loud but that's far from a real SQ system. So what is Sound Quality? SQ is that aspect of a sound system, which encompasses all of the performance factors which give the system the ability to re-produce an accurate and life-like rendition of the original recording as perfectly as possible. It includes factors such as tonality, ambience, subtle nuance, system gain structure, dynamics,transient response, and the list goes on and on.
    SQ is a combination of all these technical factors as well as proper
    speaker placement and proper system design. When a system is said to have perfect SQ, it generates the most accurate sound possible, with a sense of musical realism that gives the listener the impression that they "hear" a live performance right in front of them, as if the listener was in the audience watching the actual performers on an actual stage. Now, to get this realistic musical "sound stage" in a car, it takes careful system planning, speaker placement, and tuning.

    From the reputable car audio enthusiast

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    Post on 30/10/2011, 4:19 pm by Geeko

    sdah pm ko bro rudy..

    Post on 30/10/2011, 5:00 pm by powerrud

    okeh nanti ujung minggu nx week kita tt lagi...c windu juga la semalam..bawa equipment dia, bikin takut owh..apa2 pun we appreciate it bro.. Smile

    tinggal c geeko lagi ni mau di tengok barang2 dia

    Post on 30/10/2011, 5:04 pm by Geeko

    adeh..apa juga mau d tgk di kereta aku hahaa..tiada apa2 juga pun..

    Post on 30/10/2011, 5:12 pm by powerrud

    ada, w3 sama 9887 hehe, main bass ja dulu

    Post on 30/10/2011, 5:27 pm by Geeko

    ades..nnti la component blm ada lg hehe

    Post on 30/10/2011, 6:28 pm by Boi

    pilihan ko smada dls @ tu set macam si final yang lama la.. ada tu c nizam n windu bagi tu c robert jual xt25 + 15w.. ok jg tu..

    Post on 30/10/2011, 7:04 pm by WinDu

    sini link dari robert,3061.msg25187.html#msg25187

    Post on 30/10/2011, 8:19 pm by finalazy84

    tpi itu mid bukan revelator series la.

    Post on 31/10/2011, 1:36 pm by powerrud

    haha....ndalama lagi dia ada tu...boi ko nda pg reflesia ka melawat

    Post on 31/10/2011, 3:11 pm by finalazy84 geeko mo beli tu ka?
    ada baby suda ka power?hehe

    Post on 31/10/2011, 5:46 pm by powerrud

    hehe lum lg ada, kali tgh mlm ni atau esok pagi Smile
    takut, risau semua ada huhu...

    Post on 31/10/2011, 5:56 pm by Geeko

    eh tidak la...

    hehehe..x mampu..


    Post on 31/10/2011, 6:13 pm by finalazy84

    nda gtu mhl juga tu mil... itu model sma macam tu vifa tu.mid dn tweeter. ala tu DLS ScanD lagi cun dari tu...hehe

    power: sabar, doa bnyak2...nda lama lgi jadi dady ko tu..hehe d mna hosp ko pegi?

    best pula ni lagu...hehe

    Post on 31/10/2011, 6:18 pm by Geeko

    scorpion comfirm syok! haha

    Post on 31/10/2011, 7:00 pm by Geeko

    dling scorpion tu..60kbs ja sini damnn

    Post on 31/10/2011, 7:56 pm by finalazy84

    bilang 4mbps...haha
    sya dpt dlm speed gtu juga tpi sya donlod dua bnda serentak...hehe
    btw ni lagu lama suda ada dlm computer, tpi mp3.baru tejumpa tadi, extract, best pula...hehe trus cari yg looseless.

    Post on 31/10/2011, 8:07 pm by Boi

    rudy - macam mana mau melawat. . esok aku balik tawau suda..

    Post on 1/11/2011, 3:45 pm by finalazy84

    sharing some nice pict Laughing

    i like the first pict...hehe punya besar midbass

    something good to read Smile

    Post on 1/11/2011, 5:56 pm by Geeko

    huhu..entah kalau myvi mcmcna la tu ah..mau d potong ka tu besi..huhu..

    Post on 1/11/2011, 6:29 pm by taaron

    Hi Sabah SQers, nice to meet u all here! nvr knew there are extensive discussion on SQ in this forum..thanks Geeko for suggesting this forum to me Smile now i feel like being at home, rather than communicating with ICE kaki who are mostly far from Sabah...

    saw a couple of familiar forumers nick here such as CK and finallazy..hehe..

    got to sleep now first, will catch up with u guys later on =D

    Post on 1/11/2011, 6:33 pm by taaron

    Geeko wrote:huhu..entah kalau myvi mcmcna la tu ah..mau d potong ka tu besi..huhu..

    hi bro! how's your myvi, sudah complete pasang ICE?? btw, our front door need to cut the besi, but anyway it is still worth it provided no cap ayam workmanship done..can also use aftermarket myvi speaker pod, but midbass is very weak, been there and done that, dun waste money on that item.

    Post on 1/11/2011, 6:49 pm by finalazy84

    hi taaron...nice 2 meet u here...
    wah tmbah 1 SQ kaki...nice one...hehe next time got TT u must join...hehe geeko's myvi went to a lot of changes...from the HU to sub, n later on the mid n tweet lagi...hehe

    Geeko: itu door panel potong sja.pkai mdf baffle.klau plastic spacer tu nanti vibrate tu.ada cancellation lgi susa.

    Post on 1/11/2011, 7:02 pm by Geeko

    Yo taaron! another sifu sdah mali..

    my ice ka? rushing la nnti rugi lagi tt dtg ok~

    hehe geeko's myvi went to a lot of changes...from the HU to sub, n later on the mid n tweet lagi...hehe

    Final punya poison sgt kuat! hahaha

    Post on 2/11/2011, 3:36 am by powerrud

    hi taaron, nice to meet u here..n hope to see u at the next tt..

    geeko:nanti aku upload gambar myvi kereta kawan aku,(jackie @ icehifi) ntah ada ka lagi aku simpan, tu ah seng yg bikin, siap cabut pintu lagi bikin..

    Post on 2/11/2011, 4:35 am by ckmoy007

    taaron, welcome to sabah sq forum haha. onli a handful here. hope will increase in the future.

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