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by aLFFiaN.

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    SQ style ICE V8



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    08022012 SQ style ICE V8

    Post by Andreww

    lets talk about anything and everything about SQ(Sound Quality) setup here... Very Happy
    and have a nice day. Very Happy

    What is SQ?

    There's a misunderstanding that SQ(Sound Quality) is a system that can't play loud. Stock system also can't play loud but that's far from a real SQ system. So what is Sound Quality? SQ is that aspect of a sound system, which encompasses all of the performance factors which give the system the ability to re-produce an accurate and life-like rendition of the original recording as perfectly as possible. It includes factors such as tonality, ambience, subtle nuance, system gain structure, dynamics,transient response, and the list goes on and on.
    SQ is a combination of all these technical factors as well as proper
    speaker placement and proper system design. When a system is said to have perfect SQ, it generates the most accurate sound possible, with a sense of musical realism that gives the listener the impression that they "hear" a live performance right in front of them, as if the listener was in the audience watching the actual performers on an actual stage. Now, to get this realistic musical "sound stage" in a car, it takes careful system planning, speaker placement, and tuning.

    From the reputable car audio enthusiast

    Objective: drink teh tarik, chit chat n SQ session.
    Venue: TBA
    Date: TBA
    Time: 7.00 pm

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    Post on 11/2/2012, 1:52 pm by Andreww

    The RM900 W6 in the forum got a little crack on the foam...he told me that he is going to send it to the dealer to refoam...this is a well known problem for W6 in our climate....

    Taaron, the guy selling W6 also selling W3...I think just around RM600 and he got his engineer going up and down to Sabah...I think you can save cost on that....

    BTW mana ada sub arc series? Tu arc audio nama tu brandlah/company macam JL Audio...kalau amp dorang ada kar series....n etc....malas mo check hehehe....

    Power, just use a line driverlah.....

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    Post on 11/2/2012, 2:49 pm by powerrud

    please pm me ur offer andrew for the p90..if its bnib, i might sell my p9 for it

    Post on 11/2/2012, 2:52 pm by Andreww

    Power, ganjil ni tia nampak apa button mo d click untuk pm ko....ko pm sa dulu...just offer me a gila might be yours...

    Post on 11/2/2012, 2:57 pm by powerrud

    haha aku pun nda jumpa ni, nanti aku cari msg lama ko n pm....aku pikir dulu sbb duit limited sbb mau bli rumah hehe...kalau pm maksudnya jd lah tu ya

    Post on 11/2/2012, 3:03 pm by Andreww

    Haiyaa bro...P9 lebih sepuluh tahun sudah punya HU tu....hehehe...

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    Post on 11/2/2012, 5:17 pm by finalazy84

    RM200 kan andrew?ba sa angkat...haha

    klau mau pm trpksa buka tu profile user yg ko mo PM dulu...kena ubah suda ni rupa bntuk forum.bukn cam dulu...hehe

    Post on 11/2/2012, 5:22 pm by Andreww

    Bah Final....offer me....

    Post on 11/2/2012, 6:41 pm by WinDu

    wow makin maju sifu2 sq kat sioloon.

    Post on 11/2/2012, 6:51 pm by finalazy84

    teda la andrew...men2 sja...ckup suda P99 USB dngar lagu 128kbps...hehe easier disc management...hehe

    btw tu sa offer RM200.baru la mura smpai tdk buli tdur...haha

    Post on 11/2/2012, 6:59 pm by Andreww

    Baru dia punya USB port ja CD UB100 sudah mo RM400 lebih oh Final....boleh bah juga main usb tu....external HDD pun boleh sambung.....

    Post on 11/2/2012, 7:07 pm by finalazy84

    wah sekali dngn tu ka?

    hehe nda la andrew.mau beli bnda lain dlu...hehe

    Post on 12/2/2012, 1:37 pm by powerrud

    bleh ko orderkan aku cd ub100 ka andrew...d autosound tu rm500 tu pas discount...manatau ko bleh bagi lagi murah used punya

    Post on 12/2/2012, 1:41 pm by Andreww

    Hehehe....let's c how k Power....btw whoaaa..............c Taaron sudah ada P90RS combo...siapa sini berani mo lawan?

    Post on 12/2/2012, 2:22 pm by powerrud

    hehe brani...lawan tuning dulu wlaupun pkai odr atau f1 kekeke

    Post on 12/2/2012, 2:39 pm by finalazy84

    fuuu...mula2 McIntosh pas tu P90...mantap...haha

    Post on 12/2/2012, 2:42 pm by Andreww

    Hehehehe...ikut kecanggihan siapa lagi mo lawan c Taaron? C CK n Power baru P9 bah....C FInallah dahssyat sikit pakai Cukuplah pakai D2...manis bah D2, P90 mana boleh lawan.....C Airpulse sama C Boi pakai P80 kan? C windu 9887?

    Post on 12/2/2012, 3:13 pm by powerrud

    haha suda juga ku dgr tu soundnya d tmpt c ahseng...aku mau angkat tu sbb dia bnib bah...soundwise lebih kurang ja tu

    Post on 12/2/2012, 3:46 pm by Andreww

    yalah CD mechanism dia masih baru..bah apa lagi power? Bila mau angkat? Kiadang2 bukan sounds ja penting...yg penting kecanggihan n harga dia ja cukup org mo whoaaaaaaaaa.....

    Post on 12/2/2012, 3:48 pm by taaron

    haiya..punya cepat dah kena pecah rahsia...apalah pasal2 mo lawan, that P90RS is used to unlock my midrange yang kesian sudah terbiar in kick panel the midrange will be ready to fight with all its might..Very Happy

    final: haih, not fun dy rahsia sudah kena pecah..actually want to put it in the "backseat"..hehe ngeh ngeh ngeh

    Post on 12/2/2012, 4:18 pm by powerrud

    hehe tu la pasal andrew...

    taaron, im looking forward to ur 3 way setup..hope to hear nice sound from it.... Smile, ur stuff is high end oredy, now its up to ur tuning..

    thinking of downgrading....simple always better... Smile ...airpulse will agree with me hehe

    Post on 12/2/2012, 4:50 pm by Andreww

    P90RS + McIntosh+ Scanspeaks+JL Audio , damn Ill retire to home more ICE Forum...

    Post on 12/2/2012, 5:03 pm by taaron

    power: i main simpan2 only those upgrade items..therefore it will take quite some time until we can see changes on my car setup..still got many things to complete b4 send in my car for up level..i dun have much time to mod my car, paling2 also once in a year if i got take long leave, the nature of my work quite busy all yr round except for certain off-peak months..hehe, so my current setup in car will remain and will learn new tuning techniques and also detect weakspots to improve it..

    Post on 12/2/2012, 6:24 pm by finalazy84 rahsia dy la...evryone know bout it...last time we saw u put at the back seat ba...hehe

    power: brapa simple juga ko mo tu?skrg main active pn sma juga macam ko men passive tu.ingat passive plug n play sja ka?hehe there is no such thing la.unless RM150 component set direct HU other choice to fine just accept how evr it sounds la...hehe suma pn dlm kepala masing2 juga tu.hehe

    Post on 12/2/2012, 11:51 pm by powerrud

    taaron : u can use the p90 oredi for 2 way n play with it Smile

    final: as simple as oem, no fine tuning, plug & play & just eq from the HU Smile tired oredi final playing high end stuff with little improvement but big money loss..its the fact

    Post on 14/2/2012, 12:06 am by powerrud

    managed to get back my very old (maybe 15 yrs old) altec lansing pc speaker...very nice sound the midrange

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