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by aLFFiaN.

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    SQ style ICE V8



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    08022012 SQ style ICE V8

    Post by Andreww

    lets talk about anything and everything about SQ(Sound Quality) setup here... Very Happy
    and have a nice day. Very Happy

    What is SQ?

    There's a misunderstanding that SQ(Sound Quality) is a system that can't play loud. Stock system also can't play loud but that's far from a real SQ system. So what is Sound Quality? SQ is that aspect of a sound system, which encompasses all of the performance factors which give the system the ability to re-produce an accurate and life-like rendition of the original recording as perfectly as possible. It includes factors such as tonality, ambience, subtle nuance, system gain structure, dynamics,transient response, and the list goes on and on.
    SQ is a combination of all these technical factors as well as proper
    speaker placement and proper system design. When a system is said to have perfect SQ, it generates the most accurate sound possible, with a sense of musical realism that gives the listener the impression that they "hear" a live performance right in front of them, as if the listener was in the audience watching the actual performers on an actual stage. Now, to get this realistic musical "sound stage" in a car, it takes careful system planning, speaker placement, and tuning.

    From the reputable car audio enthusiast

    Objective: drink teh tarik, chit chat n SQ session.
    Venue: TBA
    Date: TBA
    Time: 7.00 pm

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    Post on 14/2/2012, 4:43 am by finalazy84

    model mna tu rudy?

    Post on 14/2/2012, 1:33 pm by powerrud

    altec lansing acs45.1

    Post on 15/2/2012, 10:12 am by finalazy84

    na ada tu focal amp murah...siapa mau amp bgus beli.buli tahan juga power tu amp.400watt rms @ 4ohm owh

    Post on 15/2/2012, 10:53 am by Andreww

    Mana ada luet sudah ni Final.....

    Post on 15/2/2012, 1:40 pm by finalazy84

    hehe klau sya ada duit pn sa macam mau juga tu.3 way preparation...hoho

    Post on 15/2/2012, 2:12 pm by Andreww

    kalau sa pun ada ilang sudah tu...hehehe....

    Post on 15/2/2012, 2:42 pm by finalazy84

    ada tru billet lgi...arga pn dkat2 juga tu...hehe

    Post on 15/2/2012, 2:53 pm by powerrud

    haaha semangat btl mau 3 way ko ni...teruskan usaha anda....

    Post on 15/2/2012, 4:07 pm by Andreww

    Bah ngam tu Tru B2110 tu...kasih pasang sama AudioControl punya line driver...whoaaa...9 Volt RMS (12 Volt peak) geng....McIntintoch punya HU pun tia boleh lawan trus....

    Post on 16/2/2012, 4:34 pm by powerrud

    apala bezasound nya tu andrew...RM banyak beza tu.

    Post on 16/2/2012, 4:47 pm by Andreww

    ko g lah beli made in china punya HU dia punya pre-amp voltage baru 0.2 V RMS...ko banding dgn HU ko sekarang yg 4 V RMS....berapa jauh beza dia? Ko bayanglah kalau 9 V RMS punya voltage....hehehe...tu TRU kelebihan dia boleh accept sampai 16 Volt...sebab tu org suka TRU...

    Post on 16/2/2012, 5:15 pm by finalazy84

    klau voltage besar kelebihanya?bunyi lagi kuat?

    Post on 18/2/2012, 4:24 am by powerrud

    ya final, kuat dari segi duitnya hehe

    Post on 18/2/2012, 2:16 pm by finalazy84

    hehe itu mesti la...hehe

    Post on 18/2/2012, 3:21 pm by Andreww

    Audicontrol Matrix Plus RM2200...hehehe...siapa mau beli? Boleh beli HU baru 2nd hand....atau Audiocontrol Mtarix RM1800...

    Post on 18/2/2012, 6:27 pm by powerrud

    haha gila la...insaf suda aku mau bli brg2 yg akhirnya di jual balik juga nanti kalau bosan...

    Post on 18/2/2012, 6:48 pm by Andreww

    Jgn mudah putus asa bah power...angkat ja kalau lum puas...hehehe.....tapi sa pakai D2 ja puas hati dah...tgk macam c Taaron...semua super high end sudah...

    Post on 19/2/2012, 2:02 am by powerrud

    huhu tu la tu andrew...kalau duit ku nda pandai putus2 memang mengangkat ja tiap2 bulan, ada ja yg baru dlm kereta hehe.

    Post on 19/2/2012, 7:02 am by taaron

    F#1 + Renovatio + Custom Passive party time party time apa lagi..siapa mo angkat? Very Happy

    Post on 19/2/2012, 2:33 pm by powerrud

    probably on this coming sept there will be EMMA competition in sabah.....dont put ur high high end gears (seas, mcintosh, scans, vdh, ta2, dls, rs audio, p90, jl audio, monster, helix, orion, genesis, tru tech, vifa, focal, hxd2, p99, stp, dynamat ) to waste ...its show time guys....
    once again its it will be staging & tonality....huhu

    Post on 19/2/2012, 3:24 pm by Andreww

    bah Taaron...apa lagi? Get and assemble your stuffss ask your sifu to tune for you...just give them free advertisement....they will surely tune for you for free...

    Post on 19/2/2012, 4:33 pm by finalazy84

    nda mau join...tuning pn phail...unless kena magic touch kaw2 luk dari sifu rudy la...hehe
    bila la siap mono sya ni...huhu

    macam mna rupa tu renovatio?nda prnah nmpak.brapa arga tu bnda klau brand new?made for car taupun raw driver?mna2 pun buli...hehe

    Post on 20/2/2012, 3:58 pm by taaron

    Andreww: car how to join?? not competition spec yet..i only setup my ice for my own daily listening, enough oledy..if competition, many things to headache..

    interesting juga if got EMMA competition in sabah..quite interested to c the participants which nvr met b4, want to c what stuffs they using..rudy, u got join ka? Smile bounce

    Post on 20/2/2012, 6:08 pm by taaron

    sexy amp...would love to get this amp...imagine 4x100W + 2x300W mcintosh power whacking ur 3way frontstage...1Kw of frontstage SQ...drool Very Happy

    Post on 20/2/2012, 6:13 pm by Andreww

    Rudy one of the senior mah....if not mistaken he joined last year....sure he join again....FInal and CK also senior...very active in TT...

    BTW Taaron. with your just need to make friend with one shop in may be the PAC....then just ask them to tune and install for you...ofcos u pay mah....then you offer them free advert....if you win...that raise up their credibility mah....

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