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by aLFFiaN.

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    maw psang surbo..


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    25042008 maw psang surbo..

    Post by vond

    klo viva kena psang surbo ok jg ka ?
    sy kira2 maw psang ba ni.
    tp mo mnta pndpt korg lu..
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    Post on 26/4/2008, 5:40 am by vond

    dmna tmpt d kk yg jual surbo terunggul 2?

    Post on 26/4/2008, 3:19 pm by mantan73

    surbo ni boleh pakai utk semua jenis enjin ka? surbo n supercas mana yg power? aku ni kesian bah tidak tau apa2.

    Post on 26/4/2008, 3:33 pm by vond

    supercas 2 apa kegunaan dia?

    Post on 26/4/2008, 4:05 pm by Viero

    alang pakai surbo, bagus pakai supercharge... Very Happy

    Post on 26/4/2008, 4:49 pm by vond

    supercas 2 untk apa bro?

    Post on 26/4/2008, 5:06 pm by drakult

    alang2 pakai supercharge atau surbo..baik tukar engine lagi power..long term save cost and long lasting power MANTAP!!?!!

    Post on 26/4/2008, 5:34 pm by vond

    alaa..hilang waranti nti krta sa ba bro klau tkar enjin..
    2la sa mo kc power ckit2 ja..

    Post on 26/4/2008, 5:38 pm by drakult

    ko punya viva 660/850/1000??

    Post on 26/4/2008, 8:38 pm by ProjectD

    tukar injin K3-VET

    Post on 26/4/2008, 8:39 pm by drakult

    nah itu dia champion sudah bersuara..hehehee..MANTAP!!?!! Very Happy

    Post on 26/4/2008, 8:44 pm by ProjectD

    huehuehue....tukar injin lah...janji best...

    Post on 26/4/2008, 8:59 pm by Viero

    hemm... tukar enjin yang ada kechingg... hoho...

    Post on 26/4/2008, 9:03 pm by ProjectD

    masuk 4ag lah....

    Post on 26/4/2008, 9:04 pm by drakult


    bagus lagi masuk SR20DET lagi MANTAP!!?!! relax

    Post on 27/4/2008, 6:43 pm by vond

    viva sa 660 bro..

    Post on 27/4/2008, 6:52 pm by Viero

    masuk turbokit la bah bro...hoho Very Happy

    Post on 27/4/2008, 6:57 pm by vond

    turbokit 2 sama mcm turbo ka?
    sa x taw pa2 ni..huhuh..

    Post on 27/4/2008, 7:07 pm by Viero

    pasang turbo, sambung wastegate valve, pasang intercooler, piping, blow off, fuel regulator, boleh la tu... hoho...

    Post on 27/4/2008, 7:08 pm by Viero

    emm... extractor mau mod la untuk tapak turbo..hihi

    Post on 27/4/2008, 7:10 pm by vond

    alamakk..mati owh..
    hilang nti warenti krta sa..
    nti cari ada krta lain bru psang turbo la..

    Post on 27/4/2008, 7:15 pm by Viero

    emm... ko test pasang surbo la...

    Post on 27/4/2008, 7:22 pm by drakult

    kalau mahu MANTAP!!?!! Very Happy

    masuk saja engine viva 1000cc..confirm MANTAP!!?!! Very Happy

    Post on 27/4/2008, 7:23 pm by vond

    ba..nti sa psang surbo..
    jimat juga myak ka klau psang surbo 2?

    Post on 27/4/2008, 7:31 pm by w4nz_7

    vond wrote:ba..nti sa psang surbo..
    jimat juga myak ka klau psang surbo 2?

    brapa pasang surbo kau dpt? mmg ringan pakai surbo ni....x caya try dulu...nanti pinjam dekat aku Laughing

    Post on 27/4/2008, 7:35 pm by Viero

    ahh.. ni info pasal surbo(

    The Surbo is a product that is meant to be installed to your car's air
    Once the Surbo is equipped into your car, it will twist your car's air
    intake and therefore will definitely increase its
    performance. With this gadget,
    you'll get quicker response which means;

    a. Increased
    performance: Rpm red line
    with quarter throttle; means that you'll travel faster. It's noticeable, whether it's
    an outright improvement based on RPM or a quicker response from the car.
    You'll never have to floor your accelerator anymore yet you get to feel that
    your car can suddenly surge, like going downhill, where the assistance is

    b. More Mileage (Economy) &
    No Maintenance:
    As a result, it is also a money saver. The performance is the closest
    to that of a light turbo car this side of a few thousand dollars, yet
    fuel consumption is far lesser and the longer you use it, the more you
    will save. Can you imagine a turbocharged car's fuel consumption? How
    about it's maintenance when the turbo kits need replacement?

    c. Cleaner Emissions: It's common sense! When you get the speed that you
    need just by tip-toeing your accelerator pedal, it means that you'll be
    burning lesser fuel and yet have enough power to do overtaking, charging up a
    hill or moving a car full of passengers. As a result, your car won't be so
    stressed or smoking all the way (your exhaust) to do these tasks. Therefore,
    your car's internals, the engine, pistons, and valves will be cleaner and with a
    cleaner engine, the motor-oil sure lasts longer!!

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