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by aLFFiaN.

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    SQ style ICE V7


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    30072011 SQ style ICE V7

    Post by powerrud

    lets talk about anything and everything about sq(Sound Quality) setup here... cheers
    and have a nice day. Very Happy

    What is SQ?

    There's a misunderstanding that SQ(Sound Quality) is a system that can't play loud. Stock system also can't play loud but that's far from a real SQ system. So what is Sound Quality? SQ is that aspect of a sound system, which encompasses all of the performance factors which give the system the ability to re-produce an accurate and life-like rendition of the original recording as perfectly as possible. It includes factors such as tonality, ambience, subtle nuance, system gain structure, dynamics,transient response, and the list goes on and on.
    SQ is a combination of all these technical factors as well as proper
    speaker placement and proper system design. When a system is said to have perfect SQ, it generates the most accurate sound possible, with a sense of musical realism that gives the listener the impression that they "hear" a live performance right in front of them, as if the listener was in the audience watching the actual performers on an actual stage. Now, to get this realistic musical "sound stage" in a car, it takes careful system planning, speaker placement, and tuning.

    From the reputable car audio enthusiast

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    Post on 29/1/2012, 5:22 pm by finalazy84

    so klau mid dn tweeter, mute mid n tweeter sblah driver, TA sblah pssnger tweeter smpai dopler...then mute tweet n mid sblah pssnger, on sblah driver dn TA tweeter smpai dopler?

    Post on 29/1/2012, 5:30 pm by Andreww

    yeap...ngam sudah tu...kasih align mid bass dengan mid sebelah passanger, yg lain semua mute, then align mid bass and mid sebelah driver, yg lain semua mute...lepas tu ko try both mid connected cuba dengar TA dia macam mana....

    Post on 30/1/2012, 9:37 am by Geeko

    Lets try wit the sub and the mid bass 1st...u will be supprise to find out how easy it is to get your sub upfront with no effort at long as you can detect the doppler effect properly ....btw dalam ko dial tu TA tu doppler effect akan berulang2 beberapa kali....paling penting ko dpt kesan the 1st doppler effect....untuk kasih align sub dgn mid bass senang saja cos tu doppler effect kuat kedengaran....ko akan dengar tu bunyi bergerak macam tu siren polis dalam vdo d atas tu.....after that you will be suprise to find out how centred your mid bass will be....on the dashboard....

    sifu andreww..
    mau pakai lagu yg sesuai ka utk ta sub upfront??

    Post on 30/1/2012, 1:34 pm by finalazy84

    Andreww wrote:ko disable soma speakers yang lain cuma enable passenger side mid bass and sub saja. Then ko play tu correlated pink noise. Biar tu sub punya TA sebagai 0 then ko pg passenger side punya TA n tune di sana sampai ko dengar the 1st doppler effect....sudah puas hati...disable tu passnger side mid bass then enable driver side mid bass...sub masih besambung...then tune tu TA sampai ko dengar doppler effect...sudah puas hati...ko sambung semula tu passenger side mid bass...then pasang tu correlated pink noise...dengar dia punya staging, depth dll...kalau x puas hati repeat the same procedure....kalau x dpt dengar juga tu doppler effect try kasih overlap tu sub and mid bass punya crossover...untuk sub n mid bass mmg senang mo dengar tu doppler effect berbanding dengan mid n tweet...siap tu ko try dengar macam mana upfront bass ko....and macam mana centred midbass ko....tapi jgn dulu sambung tweet n mid...

    Cuma satu saja problem dia....kena latih telinga untuk kenal bila tu 1st doppler effect keluar....bila sudah siap semua kasih balik tu crossover point pg yg normal...and play lagu dari test cd ko...

    untuk mid and tweet repeat the same procedure....

    dia bilang 'correlated pink noise' track...bunyi static macam teda siaran radio tu.ada dlm test disc tu

    Post on 31/1/2012, 3:32 pm by powerrud

    waaa...2 questions...ok kalau suda dapat dopler effect la katakan, tp macam mana mau tau jarak stage kanan lebih kurang sama dgn jarak di stage kiri tanpa kita tau ruangnya? which one is the absolute center when using dopler effect? blum try tp bleh agak2 suda macam mana hasilnya

    geeko: bass upfront pakai apa2 lagu ja..paling penting sound atas dashboard & midrange clear btl & bukan midbass dominan tuk kasi keluar midrange...ko punya sys mau tune balik tu pakai skill baru hehe

    Post on 31/1/2012, 3:47 pm by Andreww

    Scientifically I got not answer as yet...but practically it work.....

    Post on 4/2/2012, 1:24 pm by taaron

    anybody home?? any new updates or stories?? seems quiet suddenly...

    btw, just now went for stiff rings installation for my car @ Autospa Enterprise (around Towering area), the taukeh asked several questions about my ICE setup..surprisingly, nvr knew that the taukeh was actually a SQ icer, i think u guys knew him (ffrappucino/derek), previously his ICE set in his Swift, now he changed to another car and sold off his Swift due to family commitment..we spent some time listening to my ICE setup, he commented that the midbass and sub low end extension is weak, and also the low staging due to tuning issues..right after that, most of my xover, eq, TA and sub amp gain are all totally changed by him on this TT i'll let u all do the listening based on his tuning, not sure whether u guys will like it or not..but seems fine for me as for now after he tuned..hehe..

    oh btw, if anyone interested, currently his full set of ICE is for sale at his office, looking to sell off 1 go everything if possible (scanspeak discovery frontstage speakers, SW300 subwoofer, 4ch & 2ch Audison LRx amps, several RCAs/speakers wires, and many other stuffs cant remember)..nice stuffs there Very Happy

    Post on 4/2/2012, 7:01 pm by finalazy84

    holu...m here oso...but nothing to talk about...just moderating this forum lor...hehe

    btw, nver had the chance to listen to his system.but I met him few times dy la.saw his swift now he retire la? kesian...did u see any distro block for sell?hopefully can support 0-4awg cable...

    andrew, apa crita suda ko punya soche power cable tu?klau beli sikit RM30 per ft owh.tpi sya tnya victor klau masih jual per roll macam dia tdk reply pn.

    system sya teda perubahan pula.macam syok juga subless.macam cukup suda pkai midbass sja...hehe tpi si power tdk setuju tu...haha mau bikin balik tu metal plate d pintu. bnyak tu rain gutter d rumah.tebal, tdk pndai karat lagi.tpi tdk tau bila dpt projek la...huhu teda msa pula skrg ni...huhu siapa bilang jdi cikgu bnyak free time Sad

    Post on 6/2/2012, 5:50 pm by Andreww

    Bah jgn tanya c Vic, tanya c mana mampu tu mo beli kalau kena kongsilah baru mampu hehehe......tu pun lum tentu g ni dptkah nda....pekerja sa berhenti sudah....lugai2 ni sekarang x ada sumber pendapatan....tapi boleh jugalah korek sana sini....kalau ada perkembangan tu cable...kasih khabar2 saja Final. btw berjaya sudah ko guna tu doppler?

    Post on 7/2/2012, 3:38 am by finalazy84

    blum lgi try doppler...teda sub...cmna mau dope...hehe
    ba nnti sa kstau la...tpi cam sa pn susa juga ni bulan...awal gaji dn CNY...bnyak overspent suda...huhu

    Post on 7/2/2012, 3:27 pm by taaron

    final: didn't notice the distro block when checking out his items..maybe there is, but need to korek the kotak to do more detailed checking..haha..i might be going over to his place at a later time, i try help u check.. oh btw, i just remembered i have 1 unit of mini distro block (non-fused type) sitting around my cupboard, it is a Stinger SHD20 model (reference), 1 input (0Ga or 4Ga) and 2 outputs (4Ga or 8Ga)..can be used as power distro or ground distro..let me know if this fits your requirement

    anyone wants some nice poison ? Very Happy so many good stuffs, but when come to think of it wallet also koyak..

    btw, want to's the performance of Scanspeak 23W sub (with passive radiator)? if this sub compared to JL Audio W6 series, how ah?

    Post on 7/2/2012, 4:55 pm by Andreww

    Taaron you cant compare them both...two different beasts altogether...the other is a wild beast while another is a tamed beast, both are also beasts....hehehe....if you know what i mean.....

    btw what HU are you using now Taaron the sifu?

    Post on 7/2/2012, 6:11 pm by finalazy84

    he is using 9887.

    wah...u selling those?how much?

    Post on 7/2/2012, 8:12 pm by taaron

    Andreww: me not sifu, only a newbie still learning stuffs..hehe.. about those subs, those are my shortlisted subs in future, both excel in totally different directions, felt like having the performance of both but hard to decide as they aren't cheap..if only I could have a listen on both then can

    final: bought it previously for RM80 but did not managed to use it..can sell to u as it has to go, just hit me with ur offer Smile

    Post on 8/2/2012, 4:49 am by finalazy84

    mna ko beli tu taaron?wish I have another one for ground...hehe
    W6 la.sometimes mau boom boom juga ba.sub si andrew tu...hehe

    Post on 8/2/2012, 7:23 am by taaron

    final: bought it from Howiechoo @ EA Autoworks..

    Andrew, can listen to ur W6 sub? want to experience it Very Happy


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