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Society Of Local Motorsports Network (S.I.O.L.O.O.N)
This is a society which reassembles the power to move the automotive industry towards a new global community. The objective of this club is to attract the youngsters to join the industry in a healthy way and at the same time will also encourage them to step forward in exhilarating any activities which involve the automotive elements.

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Wrote By aLFFiaN

LS Lepak Santai Sioloon KK-12hb Sept 2014-

9/9/2014, 3:53 am by r3dskai

LS Lepak Santai Sioloon KK
Tarikh : 12hb Sept 2014 (Friday)
Tempat : Warung Padang Ayam Penyet (depan Khalefa Gym) Alam Mesra
Masa : 9pm Onwards
~Perbincangan akhir & pembayaran bagi yg join gathering 16sept di UMS.
~RM15 = Event sticker + Name Tag..Jum2
~any ifo pls call 0138780498 r3dskai

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